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Signs That Notify The Need For Re-Piping The House

Faulty or old pipes can be the reason for several plumbing issues and considering complete copper re-piping work can assure the prevention of numerous expensive plumbing issues. These following signs notify the need for re-piping the house.

  • Leaky Pipes – Build-up and corrosion in pipes limit the flow of water, sometimes even the entry water pressure remains constant, resulting in pressure build-up and a broken pipe.


  • Low Water Pressure – The development of interior build-up and corrosion that limits the water pressure is the foremost sign of the requirement to re-piping the house.


  • Rusty / Dirty / Smelly Water – Corroded plumbing pipes usually lead to smelly, dirty or rusty drinking water, for washing or showering as well. It may lead to several harmful effects on health and may even leave stains on clothes.


  • Noisy Pipes – There can be several reasons for noisy pipes such as the loose anchors, or air leaking out of the pipe having a build-up. An interior build-up may sometimes lead to rattling/popping noise in the water pipe, resulting in the formation of air bubbles that pop or burst once the water heats up.


If you notice any of these signs, feel free to get connected with a local plumbing expert and consider re-piping throughout.