Back Flow Installation

Kwik Pro Plumbing specializes in backflow installation, repair, rebuilding and replacing backflow assemblies in Cupertino. We know water is important for our homes and businesses, and its supply should be pure, safe and uncontaminated. That’s why all commercial and residential backflow assemblies must be inspected annually in order to meet the terms and city codes. We examine wear, damage, and potential failure of the back flow assembly for both residential and commercial backflow prevention.

Proper installation and timely repairs of back flow device prevents back flowing of contaminated water into your clean water system. Kwik Pro Plumbing has licensed backflow inspectors who are licensed, schooled in this knowledge and have the necessary experience to protect you from this cross contamination. We maintain a broad inventory of parts and supplies so that we can quickly take action on your backflow related problems. We also deal in allied back flow plumbing parts and supplies.

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