Toilet Repair & Installation

A running, clogged or leaking toilet may look like as if it is easy to fix, but reality is different. You cannot waste your hard earned money on DIY toilet repairs as it will not solve the problem permanently. Let the experts help you. Kwik Pro Plumbing is a reputable plumbing company and offers quality toilet repair, replacement or installation. Our professional Cupertino plumbers have the knowledge and experience to repair all kinds of common toilet problems. We also install new toilets with new low-flow and high-efficiency toilets to replace old ones. Our plumbers can also assist you compare the different types of available toilets and choose the most suitable toilet that will fulfill all your needs while helping you to conserve water.

Kwik Pro Plumbing is a good plumbing company and well acquainted with all kinds of bathroom failures, and knows the best fixes. We prefer using only quality parts when repairing or replacing an existing toilet parts like:

• Auto sensor valve
• Drain and water pipes
• Fill valve
• Flapper
• Float
• Flush lever assembly
• Flush valve
• Flushometers
• Shut off valve
• Tank and bowl

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